Private Client/ Investment Management

Your investments are important to you, and they are important to us too. We believe that every client is different and as such they need a portfolio tailored to their needs and objectives. This starts with building trust and giving you confidence in our ability to help you achieve your goals.

We aim to build life-long relationships with our clients, ensuring we can help to navigate through changes in your personal circumstances.

Our services cater to a diverse group of clients. Detailed below, are some examples of situations where we have been able to help and some of the broad types of people who have had need for our services;

Professionals – who are still accumulating their wealth, but want to pass on the management of their portfolio to an expert

Lump sums – be it an unexpected inheritance, selling a buy-to-let property, or access to your pension’s ‘tax free cash’, as well as numerous other instances where we have helped people who are new to investing

Low interest on cash savings – those who had previously relied on bank interest to supplement their income, but now find they would like help with building an investment portfolio to support their spending needs

Education and care – helping clients growing their existing assets to assist with education cost for the next generation or meet the burden of care for themselves in later life. We can also help those carrying out activities under an existing Power of Attorney, who require support and guidance on how to generate an income from donor’s assets in an effective manner

Retirees – many of whom require a stable income in the next phase of their lives and want to plan to help the next generation  

Entrepreneurs – who have exited businesses and now require their capital to be put to work, generating income and growth to maintain their lifestyle and for future projects

The above illustrates a just few broad examples of how our services are designed to help anyone with investable assets greater than £100,000 in ISAs, general investment accounts (GIA), SIPPs, offshore bonds and trusts. Contact us to see how we can help you with your investment needs

Professional Advisers

We become your partner in business. This enables you to dedicate your time to seeing your clients and building relationships, whilst we manage their investments on a discretionary basis. All our portfolios are tailored to meet the needs and objectives that you identify with your client.

We strive to provide your clients with the best possible outcome, with a dedicated team actively managing their investments, providing a suitable service and helping meet clients’ aspirations.

The solutions we have on offer include bespoke portfolios, the management of complex linked family accounts, the ability to factor in the adviser’s investment principles, SIPPs, offshore bonds, ISAs, and managing pension drawdowns effectively (decumulation).

In addition, we provide you with high quality reports for use with your clients, and keeping you well informed.

Trusts and Charities

The requirements of a Charity or Trust can be very different to those of an individual. As a result, we understand the importance of helping to put in place a plan that enables you to fulfil your duties as trustees.

This will start with understanding the formation and history of the trust or charity, and whether there are any specific income or capital needs. We will review an existing Investment Policy Statement or help you create one from scratch.

Although not tax specialists, we seek a good level of awareness, and would highlight some of the common issues around Charity and Trust investing. Where required, we can refer trustees to tax specialists should the requirements be more complex.

We would also be able to manage any ethical restrictions which may be placed on the portfolio.